Sunday 25 November, 2012

06 Chad’s Place – Kings Cross


I used to live in Kings Cross about 9 years ago and it’s fair to say that it was a shit hole. We were just won over by the fact that our tube station was on six tube lines. If only I had the foresight back then to realise that Kings Cross was a potential gold mine full of old warehouses like the one 06 Chad’s Place is housed in. It’s a gorgeous brick building tucked away from the hideous tangle of roads outside Kings Cross Station. They have done a really nice job decorating the inside keeping the exposed brick and the wooden ceiling with skylights which make the space really bright. It’s a nice combination of modern and industrial with black lacquered tiles and a concrete floor. The food is nice too although I only sampled the breakfast menu but the scrambled eggs on toasted ciabatta with slow roasted tomatoes was really good, I’m not a food expert, it either tastes good to me or it doesn’t and it cost less than a fiver too, very good value. If only I had stayed in Kings Cross, I’d probably be on controlled rent paying £400 a month and calling 06 Chad’s place my local.

06 St Chad’s Place, London WC1X 9HH
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