Wednesday 01 August, 2012

A Little Of What You Fancy – Dalston


A Little Of What You Fancy is a gem of a place. It has no signage (other than a sandwich board) and a very unassuming entrance, it’s definitely gained popularity through word of mouth rather than by making a show of itself. I love a good find, particularly when it’s hard to find too. A Little Of What You Fancy serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and for the most part anyway use all local suppliers and growers. The food is damn good I can tell you. I had the baked aubergine which although delicious left me hungry as there wasn’t enough, the meaty versions seem more substantial though. This is probably less of a problem if you’ve got the cash to order a bunch of side dishes but I’m on a budget here, I need to rely on my main course filling me up! I actually prefer coming here for breakfast as they have killer options like toast on the grill with homemade jam or something like Scottish porridge with lavender & honey. Lunch is great too, they generally stick with a British menu serving something straight-forward like roast chicken with lemon, garlic & herbs followed by Pannacotta with cardamon, seriously how good does that sound? The interior is nice and simple, nothing fussy and fits in well with the area, definitely one of Dalston’s best establishments.

A Little Of What You Fancy, 464 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AE
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