Thursday 07 June, 2012

e5 Bakehouse – Hackney


I love the fact that I live somewhere where I can go and get fresh bread in the morning and yes I do occasionally do this, it makes me feel very continental. The e5 Bakehouse make the most delicious sourdough bread, it’s unbelievable when it’s fresh. It goes stale really fast but this is a good sign that it’s not full of crap ingredients, I think there are about 4 ingredients, flour, salt, yeast and water or something like that. Housed in a railway arch they bake the bread at the back in plain view and you can either buy loaves to go or have a coffee and some toast and jam at the front. My friend buy xanax online to uk worked here at the very beginning and tells me the story of how they hadn’t quite got the hang of the ovens and how the bread at the back was always burnt and the bread at the front was under cooked, I think they’ve nailed it now. I love choosing which bread to buy, it’s then taken warm off the shelf and put into a brown paper bag, I feel like I’ve gone back 50 years in time. Napoleon referred to Britain as a nation of shopkeepers, I wish that was still the case.

e5 Bakehouse, Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace, London E8 3PH
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  • Ben says:

    Penny, awesome you’re vibing with fresh bread, i’ve just devoured half a loaf of our multigrain, new sandwich idea, chop a squash lengthways and roast with some olive oil, keep and cool, then scoop out the inside into a sandwich, i added chorizo and olive oil, set up.

    Anyway, little tip on our bread, it may go stale, but actually keeps a lot longer than yeasted breads. Sourdough bread are packed full of organic acids, they keep them the bread from going mouldy, toasting or gently heating bread also revives it well.

    Lets hope that in the fiture buying fresh bread from a local bakery is seen as the norm, and not a step back in time. Cheers

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