Friday 26 November, 2010

Le Grenier – Brick Lane


Le Grenier has a truly fantastic collection of well, random stuff, for want of a better word. Full sets of brown and orange tea cups, sugar pots and tea jars interspersed with eclectic jewellery, retro furniture, exciting knick knacks and old record players in suitcases which are pretty useless but look cool. Andy Warhol would have loved this shop, no doubt you’ve heard about his collection of cookie jars. On entering Le Grenier one can run the risk of the age old problem of ‘buying order topamax nice stuff you just don’t need’. I realise I’m a victim of this every time I move house. So many jars with SUGAR written on them, apparently I’m a collector. Someone once told me that stuff not money is what makes the world go round. I chant that to myself every time I’m tempted to buy an antique letter box or magazine stand, I’m just helping the world go round.

Le Grenier, 146 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 6DG
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