Sunday 10 April, 2011

Labour and Wait – Shoreditch


From enamel colanders and bread bins, to horsehair brooms, linen dishtowels, stainless steel kettles and old-fashioned school notebooks, buying the most boring household items has never been so fun. Labour and Wait specialise in all things timeless, traditional and simple right down to the tin lampshades. If you despise these throw away times, be safe in the knowledge that a dustpan and brush from Labour and Wait will probably outlive you. With shelves stacked with an art gallery aesthetic I find myself trying to think up reasons why I need to buy another ruled notebook or £18 tea jar? The only problem is, if you’re going to buy anything from here, really you have to buy everything from here as a £20 spatula isn’t going to have much impact on its own, you need to have your entire kitchen kitted out from here to get the same effect. For all its Englishness though, Labour and Wait import most of their stock from Japan. The Japanese recognised the charm of these quintessential old-fashioned everyday items so began to reproduce them, once again prevailing in style right down to a wooden doorstop.

Labour and Wait, 85 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DL
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