Monday 10 September, 2012

Dog & Wardrobe – Hackney


There definitely appears to have been a shift in style as to what people decorate their houses with. I grew up with staffordshire figures and various bowls used as table centre pieces. Now old mannequins, anatomical models and taxidermy have become the fashion, taxidermy to the point where it is painfully unfashionable it’s so common. Dog and Wardrobe is interestingly located on the ground floor of an unsightly council block around the corner from Broadway Market and has one of the best collections of stuff, lots of lovely old cabinets, industrial buy a prescription for adderall online looking lamps and vintage Union Jacks. It definitely has that junk shop feel where you imagine you might pick up a real bargain, although you probably won’t as this kind of stuff is expensive these days as it’s so in demand. If you have the cash though it’s perfectly reasonably priced, even the huge antique places aren’t cheap anymore, so don’t think you can go to Kempton and get a better deal.

The Dog & Wardrobe, Unit 3B Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN
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