Saturday 03 December, 2011

Dennis Severs’ House


Let me start by saying that I generally hate museums. I find things in glass cases painfully dull. Whenever I visit a new city I’m honestly more inclined to check out the supermarkets. On a recent trip to Washington DC, from the wealth of museums on offer I only went to the Smithsonian to see Jerry Seinfeld’s trainers. However the kind of museum I love is the likes of the Dennis Severs’ House. Dennis Severs took on a Mary Celeste approach, designing the house to appear as if the family living there just ceased to exit one day leaving plates of half eaten food and unmade beds. Back in 1979 an eccentric American by the name of Dennis Severs bought a Georgian townhouse in the heart of Spitalfields. A former home of Huguenot silk weavers, he went about turning it into a sort of time capsule of a typical family home, each room in a different historic style, mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. The house is bursting at the seams with amazing stuff including antique furniture and knick-knacks, a four poster bed adorned with gargoyles, old photographs and every day items. It has countless cosy but elegant rooms all lit by candle light and open fires and has a great atmosphere smelling like Christmas, it’s really Gothic and totally brilliant.

To read more about Spitalfields which I find to be the most fascinating area of London, check out this website

Dennis Sever’s House, 18 Folgate Street, London, E1 6BX
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Photo Credit James Brittain and Roelof Bakker

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