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Tuesday 12 March, 2013

Los Angeles

So this is Los Angeles, in my opinion the most beautiful and interesting city on earth. Here are 10 reasons why I think so…

Wednesday 16 January, 2013

Dream Houses Part 1

These are just a few of my dream houses that I’ve seen whist cycling about Hackney and the City. I love all the old Huguenot houses around Spitalfields especially the one numbered ‘Eleven and A Half’ and random gothic mansions…

Sunday 30 December, 2012

40 Winks – Whitechapel

I think most people have probably heard of 40 Winks by now but for those of you that haven’t, I have to share… this place is just gorgeous, utterly debonair just like the owner David Carter a renowned interior designer and true English dandy…

Saturday 29 December, 2012

MC Motors – Dalston

It was when I was at Ruby’s in Dalston that I discovered MC Motors. I say ‘discovered’ the truth was I was chatting to Tom the owner of Ruby’s and he mentioned MC Motors a few times…

Saturday 22 December, 2012

Rough Luxe Hotel – Kings Cross

The Rough Luxe is a fantastic little boutique hotel where every room is different from the next and each has an interesting piece of contemporary art on the wall. It’s handy in terms of location…

Tuesday 21 February, 2012

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden – Dalston

The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is one of the best parts of Dalston. Just when I thought Dalston had everything, great restaurants, the city’s best cafes, nice bars, great shops and plenty of other random stuff I discover this amazing garden…

Saturday 03 December, 2011

Dennis Severs’ House

Let me start by saying that I generally hate museums. I find things in glass cases painfully dull. Whenever I visit a new city I’m honestly more inclined to check out the supermarkets…