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Tuesday 12 March, 2013

Los Angeles

So this is Los Angeles, in my opinion the most beautiful and interesting city on earth. Here are 10 reasons why I think so…

Saturday 16 February, 2013

David Shillinglaw, Artist – High Barnet, London

This is my friend David. We went to Central Saint Martins together in London and he is one of the few who has survived and is making his living as an artist. He is the most energetic person I’ve ever met, seriously I don’t know what fuels this guy…

Tuesday 12 February, 2013

Steph & Nico – Hackney Wick, East London

So this is Steph and Nico. Steph is a hairdresser, she runs her salon the “Parlour Macabre’ from their home in an old peanut factory in Hackney Wick…

Wednesday 30 January, 2013

Molly and Rufus – Bow, East London

Meet Molly and Rufus, both artists and all-round ‘makers’ from ceraic tiles to hand-made silver jewellery and everything in between. Their home is an old factory which they have converted behind Molly’s childhood home, a beautiful Victorian house in Bow, East London. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of their pet Crow and Squirrel who were both determindly shy…

Tuesday 29 January, 2013

House of Dreams – East Dulwich, London

Meet Stephen Wright, Artist and creator of “The House of Dreams”. The ground floor of his home in East Dulwich is open to the public and he lives upstairs, I love the contradistinction between his personal space and his artistic space…

Wednesday 23 January, 2013

46b Espresso Hut – Hackney

I found this great little cafe when I was out on by bike the other day trying to find somewhere open to shelter from the snow. It’s a lovely little place, it’s amazing what some people can do with a very ordinary space, 46b is effortlessly cool and quirky…

Monday 21 January, 2013

The Last Tuesday Society Headquarters

Welcome to the Last Tuesday Society Headquarters presided over by my cousin Wynd, the chancellor. Mr. Wynd a few questions…