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Thursday 30 June, 2011

Coffee Circus – Crouch End

Coffee Circus is definitely a favourite of Crouch End locals. Crouch End is a real little village with one of everything you need, a great local baker, ice cream parlour, tea…

Wednesday 29 September, 2010

Island Queen – Islington

Depending on whose reading this I’m probably not the best qualified person to write up pubs mainly because I know absolutely nothing about beer. I’m told the choice of beer at the Island Queen is second to none with a huge selection on tap, not that this is something I would notice…

Tuesday 10 August, 2010

Past Caring – Islington

This is the kind of place I’d recommend if you were looking for something random like say, a dressmakers dummy or an antique mousetrap…

Thursday 08 July, 2010

The Hollybush – Hampstead

I can but only fantasize about living in Hampstead. Being so close to the Heath, it’s not far from being in the countryside with huge beautiful and quirky houses and a little high street with unusual places mixed in alongside the usual high street fixtures…

Sunday 30 May, 2010

Ace Café – Stonebridge Park

The place to come if you like burgers and chips or greasy fry-ups. It’s a one stop biker rock n’ roll heaven with a classic silver diner style bar, jukebox and a chequered theme throughout…

Monday 10 May, 2010

Candid Arts Café – Islington

A home away from home with big comfy chairs, Candid Arts Cafe is hidden in the Candid Arts Trust and you wouldn’t know it was there unless you…

Friday 30 April, 2010

Marine Ices – Camden

Ah Marines Ices, it’s mine and Andria’s Summer hang out. They have the most delicious ice-cream in countless flavours and it comes in a stainless steel dish with a wafer, I’m talking old school stuff her…