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Saturday 05 January, 2013

Ten Bells – Spitalfields

Situated on the corner of Fournier Street (one of my favourite streets in London, due to its proper Victorian-ness) and next to Shoreditch Church, the Ten Bells is where Jack the Ripper would meet the prostitutes who would later become his victims…

Friday 10 August, 2012

A.Gold – Spitalfields

A.Gold is straight out of a Victorian picture book. With large jars of old fashioned sweets, Eccles cakes, fruit cake, Battenberg cake and toffee in beautiful tins it’s heaven for any tourist visiting London, it’s all very ye olde English…

Saturday 03 December, 2011

Dennis Severs’ House

Let me start by saying that I generally hate museums. I find things in glass cases painfully dull. Whenever I visit a new city I’m honestly more inclined to check out the supermarkets…

Sunday 10 January, 2010

Verde & Co. – Spitalfields

Verde and Co.is one giant Victorian display case of fine chocolates, preserves, old fashioned tins of tea, coffee and wicker baskets full of organic vegetables…

Sunday 22 November, 2009

Commercial Tavern – Shoreditch

The Commercial Tavern is one of my favourite pubs as it’s kitsch kitsch kitsch but works well as they’ve gone all the way with it. There is nothing parsimonious about the theme here and there is no shortage of chandeliers…