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Saturday 03 December, 2011

Pacific Social Club

Pacific Social Club is located on Clarence road, the same road that the Pogo Cafe is on and definitely one of the few streets left in Hackney that feels fairly dodgy, it was pretty much ground zero for the Hackney riots…

Sunday 02 October, 2011

Arch 389 – Hackney

This is such a good retro furniture shop. I was in need of an ergonomic chair for my desk as the one I have is one of those little french cafe style chairs which frankly are damn uncomfortable over any length of time…

Thursday 02 June, 2011

Gossip Cafe – Hackney

Gossip is a cute little cafe selling a variety of tea and vegan cakes which if you’re not into eating dairy are pretty damn good, especially their Bakewell tarts…

Wednesday 09 March, 2011

Violet – Hackney

My absolute favourite places are the ones that pop up in the middle of nowhere. Violet is one of these places, a great little cafe with a lot of character…

Wednesday 02 February, 2011

Railroad – Hackney

I’m not sure I really want to tell anyone about Railroad, the reason being that it’s just so perfect and I don’t want it to get too busy all the time! It’s a small and unassuming little place..

Saturday 29 January, 2011

Wilton Way Cafe – Hackney

Wilton Way Cafe is a great little spot for breakfast or coffee. Perhaps more of a coffee on the run or quick breakfast kind of place as it’s not the type which is crammed with sofas but it’s still perfectly comfortable…

Sunday 23 January, 2011

Lock 7 – Hackney

I’m well known for my ‘fads’, they go way back, ranging from synchronized swimming to carpentry but of late I’m into bikes. I haven’t gone as far as getting a fixed wheel though. Looking cool on a fixed wheel bike is a fine line…