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Monday 16 July, 2012

The Dove – Hackney

Once upon a time I used to grumble about people who frequented the Dove. I felt they were smug that they had such a great local pub and really wanted to rub it in. I have to admit it was because I felt left out. I am now one of the smug ones. I was [...]

Wednesday 04 July, 2012

Market Cafe – Hackney

I like everything about Market Cafe except for the type of food. It’s not bad, in fact the asparagus risotto I had was delicious. It’s just that I find it over-complicated, every option seemed well, a bit risky…

Thursday 07 June, 2012

e5 Bakehouse – Hackney

I love the fact that I live somewhere where I can go and get fresh bread in the morning and yes I do occasionally do this, it makes me feel very continental…

Sunday 22 April, 2012

Chase & Sorensen – Hackney

Chase & Sorensen is a pretty stylish cafe. It’s a furniture shop predominantly specialising I think, in mainly Scandinavian furniture…

Wednesday 21 March, 2012

Long White Cloud – Hackney

There is something about Long White Cloud which feels different for Hackney. There are no push chairs which is weird, every nice café in Hackney…

Friday 16 March, 2012

The Hemingway – Hackney

I think it would be hard to find a better pub than the Hemingway. First and foremost they totally understand the concept of background music…

Friday 03 February, 2012

Pogo Cafe – Hackney Downs

Now Pogo Café is a full on no frills vegan cafe. It’s a bit ghetto with an anarchist bent which I find charming, I like to think I have a bit of punk in me but if I’m honest it’s more about the aesthetic really as I like to shop in Waitrose and I’m writing this on my Macbook Air…