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Friday 23 April, 2010

Beigel Bake – Brick Lane

Whenever I hear the word ‘Bagel’ I think of my friend Roman. One summer day Roman thought it would be a fun idea to see how fast he could go on his fixed wheel bike, so he convinced his friend Alister to ride…

Wednesday 30 December, 2009

Café 1001 – Brick Lane

I feel like I should include Café 1001, mainly because I used to love it before it became a massive tourist trap. It used to be relatively…

Monday 12 October, 2009

Beyond Retro – Brick Lane

An awful lot of fuss is made about Beacon’s Closet in New York. It’s supposed to be a big deal that all the clothes are arranged in colour rather than style. I personally don’t know many people who go out shopping for something orange rather than those that say go looking for a dress or a leather jacket….