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Friday 09 September, 2011

Foxcroft & Ginger – Soho

Foxcroft & Ginger is a pretty good cafe for Central London, which I try to avoid specially on weekends due to the mobs. I was there on Saturday though, I’d arranged to meet Mazzi and Lottie…

Saturday 17 July, 2010

Claire Rouen Books – Soho

Tucked away up a narrow flight of stairs above the Soho bookshop on Charing Cross road is a little designer bookshop specialising in fashion and art books, many of which are hard to find…

Saturday 22 May, 2010

Andrew Edmunds – Soho

In an old Soho townhouse, a throwback to Dickensian London, is Andrew Edmunds, a Parisian café meets English country house…

Thursday 04 February, 2010

Mildred’s – Soho

Mildreds is excellent and despite being vegetarian there isn’t a Hari Krishna in sight and it’s not all beans and mushroom risotto either…

Monday 04 January, 2010

Ray’s Jazz Café – Soho

I use Foyle’s as my own personal lending library, buy and take back later and it has a great cafe too. Far and away the best bookshop in London, it’s huge and sells, well everything…

Friday 04 December, 2009

Maison Bertaux – Soho

If you go to Maison Bertaux when the rest of Soho ISN’T and you manage to get a little tiny table with a French bistro chequered table cloth, tea in a bone china tea cup and a delightful little fruit tart then you’re lucky as it’s quite special…

Monday 19 October, 2009

The French House – Soho

The best thing about a bad date is that it gives me something to write about and a new person to make fun of. On this occasion we had arranged to meet at the Groucho club in Soho at 9pm…