Wednesday 01 December, 2010

The Last Tuesday Society – Bethnal Green


Now here is a collection of weird shit. So taxidermy and monkey skulls I get, but Labrador’s testicles in jars? It’s hard not to like it here, I mean there aren’t many places where you hear the staff shout, “the ocelot fur coats are in the kid’s coffin under the mortuary table in the back room with Aleister Crowley’s skull and the Vagina grafts” now are there?  I used to work here, my cousin owns this shop. To be honest I really loved it but the stream of people asking what is and what isn’t real did my head in eventually. Upstairs there is an art gallery but downstairs is Viktor Wynd’s wet dream, the extensive overspill of his house of madness (literally his house looks the same). With dark red walls and cabinets full of his collection of classical ivory figurines randomly  placed next to a key chain of a teddy bear blowing his brains out and a set of goliwogs mixed with shrunken heads and prosthetic limbs. The Last Tuesday Society additionally hold a series of talks on subjects ranging from Hypochondria to Syphilis to bed bugs by renowned speakers who although have a list of great credentials on paper often have a tendency to waffle. The one on bed bugs was the best, me and Sophie were the only two people there and we worked there. I think half the time they are just people Mr. Wynd wants to meet, case point with John Waters, now that talk seriously made up for the bed bug guys, John is awesome. The shop is a ‘window display’ so to speak for the Last Tuesday Society which hosts debauched and fabulous fancy dress and masquerade balls at different locations throughout the city and of which always seem to be an excuse for people to get naked.

The Last Tuesday Society, 11 Mare Street, London, E8 4RP
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