Friday 23 April, 2010

Beigel Bake – Brick Lane


Whenever I hear the word ‘Bagel’ I think of my friend Roman. One summer day Roman thought it would be a fun idea to see how fast he could go on his fixed wheel bike, so he convinced his friend Alister to ride…


Not so much a market as five floors of unadulterated gorgeousness. London’s answer to Opening Ceremony if you ask me. I take people…

Sunday 11 April, 2010

The Little Theatre of Dolls


Raisa and Frida are Scandinavian illustrators, puppeteers and the creators of the Little Theatre of dolls a travelling puppet show. What is your favourite restaurant in London? We can never remember the names of the places we go. This morning we looked up a place that we like in Soho, we looked it up for [...]

Saturday 10 April, 2010

Columbia Road Flower Market – Hackney


Originally started as a flower market, Columbia road is now much more than that with all kinds of different food stalls and bric a brac and great shops selling everything from house and garden wares to perfume…

Sunday 04 April, 2010

La Fromagerie – Marylebone


La Fromagerie is so much more than just a cheese shop although what a cheese shop it is. It has one long large wooden communal table and a few smaller tables as every other spare inch is taken up by all kinds of delicious food…

Wednesday 31 March, 2010



What is it about vegetarian cafes that they always appear to attract homeless and crazy people? Why does there always have to be some freak with Tourette’s singing in the corner? Camden has more than its fair share of weirdo’s anyway…

Friday 26 March, 2010

Blue Legume – Stoke Newington


Stoke Newington Church Street is one of my favourite streets in London. It has so many nice cafes, restaurants and shops and Abney Park…


The Havelock is the best kind of gastro pub, the kind that doesn’t try too hard, essentially serving up modern day comfort food just better…