Tuesday 29 March, 2011

Tate Modern Bookshop – Southbank


I’ve never been keen on Museums or Art galleries. I find that when paintings, furniture or artefacts of any kind are out of their intended habitat…

Monday 21 March, 2011

Tiroler Hut – Westbourne Grove


Up to a point I would have to say that Tiroler Hut was one of my favourite restaurants for the sheer comedy value alone. The place is absurd…

Wednesday 09 March, 2011

Violet – Hackney


My absolute favourite places are the ones that pop up in the middle of nowhere. Violet is one of these places, a great little cafe with a lot of character…

Wednesday 02 March, 2011

J+A Cafe – Clerkenwell


You can trust me when I say that J+A cafe is one of my more, shall we say conservative choices, suffice to say there is nothing ‘nostalgic’, ‘weird’ or ‘themed’ about it…

Wednesday 16 February, 2011

Camera Cafe – Bloomsbury


Tucked away at the back of a camera repair shop next to the British Museum is Camera Cafe a quiet and discreet little place with a few tables and Simon and Garfunkel playing in the background (the soundtrack says alot)…

Monday 07 February, 2011

Paper Dress – Shoreditch


So the principle of off the rack – and by that I mean clothes that come in all sizes to fit everyone – is all very well but it does mean that you have to sacrifice any originality whatsoever…

Wednesday 02 February, 2011

Railroad – Hackney


I’m not sure I really want to tell anyone about Railroad, the reason being that it’s just so perfect and I don’t want it to get too busy all the time! It’s a small and unassuming little place..

Saturday 29 January, 2011

Wilton Way Cafe – Hackney


Wilton Way Cafe is a great little spot for breakfast or coffee. Perhaps more of a coffee on the run or quick breakfast kind of place as it’s not the type which is crammed with sofas but it’s still perfectly comfortable…